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Fun In the Sun….

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Mishka the @Vee_Maselwa, where is my afro jo?

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Vannessa the Giesha @Vee_Maselwa

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lord Zackius would not be left out..hahahahaha

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@Vee_Maselwa and I @misshellb remembering to play

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Three freaky funny girls and three freaky towns.

Leaving the Ashram to go to the outside world was a long awaited trip, all i could think of was there wont be curfews, i will get to do all the normal things a girl leaving her cage would do…PARTY

Well that’s not exactly what it turned out to be, Sophie the funky Canadian, Aaarjeet the spicy IndianBombayan and of course Me the sun kissed Afro Indy made our way out of the peaceful Ashram to see a bit more of the South of India.

Our first stop over was Madurai, then Tangure,then Pondicherry and lastly Chennia, We decided on taking government buses as it is a sure way of saving money if you will be doing a lot of travel, we were paying up to Rs21 divide that by 6 and its about R5 for a 2hr bus ride, our longest ride was 5 hrs and we paid Rs61, these rides are so much fun, weird and just a learning experience as you can imagine and i promise you there were no pigs, chickens taking free rides.

On the weird side there was a guy poking me from behind and as i looked at him he acted as if he did nothing wrong, that his hand should be exactly were its supposed to be  ( on my arm) and when i slapped it off he did not say a thing.. a few minuets later he was poking me in between the seat and backrest…and when i looked he just stood up and got off the bus…This Happens a lot in India , a casual brush of your breast as a man walks past you like its the most normal thing in the world, The night before we left Madurai Ammarjeet had a run in with 4 guys at the grocery store, one who fondled her buttocks and she slapped him then one of the others started hitting her, Let me tell you , she held onto the one who touched her until the cops came, You do not , i repeat , you do not want to end up on the wrong side of the law in India, These guys were beat up  by the cops who were using their fists, slaps and a big bamboo cane, they were crying like babies, it turned out that the guy who hit her was the son in law of the one who touched her…go figure, they were made to kiss her feet and ask for forgiveness, she later on pulled the charge as this went on for an hour, it was either that or Jail for the next 49 days and pending maybe..

That was the bad part of Maduria , Menkashi Temple was amazingly beautiful, you walk in and Ganesh welcomes you and you feel this vibration in your chest from excitement, spiritual heightening, what ever you want to call it, pictures to follow…and we just walked around the temple taking it all in and just loving it, i even got blessed by the elephant there, later on when we were done and thirsty we found a bar in the basement parking of a hotel, woman don’t drink here so it was a bit awkward but much needed after being sober for a whole month.

WE left for Tanjore the next day and also did the Temple, i loved this temple , it looked like it was carved from wood..

the next day we were in Pondicherry, here was an Indian town run by the french, the Indians here even speak french and the food is also french, you can get anything here except a swim in the sea, the beach is a rocky one but also not swim able, a lot of shopping was done, a lot, and just ha amazing food everywhere, met the most cool guys who hosted us n their rooftop for sun downers and dinner, Udai Panicker yes i know, that’s his name and Kent.

all in all i was supposed to go away for 2 weeks and in a week i felt like i had gone for 2 weeks and was happy to  pack up and go back to the lovely Ashram..

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This was the most inspirational trip I have ever taken, it opened my eyes and heart to the beauty of simple living and just how humble one can be when surrounded by such beauty, humility, love wheather its from family, friends or loved ones.


 The first person we met our driver to the Banana bon bon hotel was ratana, she is crazy about my hair they all are i have to demonstrate most of the time, when you say you are from South Africa they all just say ahhhhhh foootball, World Cup…..i like…., its so funny .

So we get to the hotel and Tuna the manager is so sweet, she takes good care of us, the rooms are all musky from the humidity but you get used to it coz they are all airconditioned, we spend the night having dinner in the resturant alone with the security guard Chai 1, he  is a small older guy with no front teeth, he has the biggest smile, he would never hurt a fly, at least thats what i think..hahaha .we get to have a band perform ,they keep playing for us , my friend keeps recording them with his phone and by then we have mixed our drinks tooo much and as we get up to go they play again….

We get to Sukhothia and meet the sweetest waiter Nat, he takes care of us from the get go, he doesnt forget our names and helps us with everything,  we hire bicycles to the town, i am freeked out when cars are driving behind me , but they are used to ppl on bikes so i get used to it, its not rare to see a whole family on a scootter , im talking baby in front, dad , daughter and mom, been trying to get a pic but they move to fast.We went all around the temple and it was so cool to get on a bike after 20 years and still have fun

Can you imagine no 1 to help you in english whatsoever, ordering food is the most easy as they have translations and you just point to the one you want and not forgetting to make sure to tell them not to make it hot or else like we found out that not hot is still hot.

Not much has happened as we been staying in hotels for one night and moving on, today we took a 7 hr bus ride to Auyathaya and we were only here for 1 night and then we off to BANGKOK for 1 night i cant wait it will be amazing, will keep you posted on the happy endings…gonna try post some photos

PS….i love that you can be anywhere and u can order a fruit slush puppy fresh baba….am addicted to the lemon ones…YUM YUM